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We decided to be a walking tour company (as opposed to vehicle based tours) in large part because we felt they would be the better experience (and it seems like we were right).

However another factor in the decision was due to the environmentally friendly nature of walking tours.

Eco-friendly Niagara Falls tours

Several of our partners have decades of experience guiding for, and even operating, bus tour companies in Niagara Falls so we know exactly how much gas is used on a daily basis and over the course of an entire season.

We doubt this is a disputed fact, but now having operated both a bus and walking tour company in Niagara Falls, we can say for certain that a walking tour is much more eco-friendly.

As those who have walked with us can probably tell you, we also make an effort to leave the paths and places we walk cleaner than we found them by picking up trash and avoiding leaving any.

We like to consider ourselves ambassadors of Niagara Falls and this certainly extends to our efforts of being stewards of the land that we love so much.


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"Overall, it was a really cool and unique experience - definitely recommended. I will for sure be coming back again."

- Steve R.

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