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The short answer is yes!

Two hours can certainly be enough time to thoroughly enjoy a comprehensive Niagara Falls tour package.

is 2 hours enough for a Niagara Falls tour

Assuming of course you start earlier in the day to avoid the crowds and lines (and the heat in the summer) and are led by one of the best tour guides in Niagara Falls. :)

Of course to get the full experience of Niagara Falls Canada including our wonderful variety of accommodations and many great restaurant options you’d want to spend at least a night or two here, but if we’re talking about how long it takes to tour Niagara Falls, 2 hours can be enough!


How long you spend at each attraction is often entirely up to (other than the timed attractions which we’ll get to below) but here are some numbers from trusted sources to give you a good idea.

How long does the Journey behind the falls take?

Niagara Falls Tourism says 30 - 35 minutes and we agree!

This is how long we set aside for this attraction during our walking tours of Niagara Falls.

How long does the Niagara Falls boat tour take? The provider of the boat tour attraction, Niagara City Cruises, offers a 20 minute boat ride.

However this does not include potential time waiting in line or the time it takes to load and unload the boat so we would recommend either going first thing in the morning before there are lines (like we do on our tours) or set aside approximately 60 minutes, especially if you need to buy a ticket at the gate.

How long does it take to tour the Skylon tower? The 775 foot ride up the elevator only takes around 52 seconds however how long you spend at the top is up to you!

Some people just go up for a quick aerial view of Niagara Falls to take a picture from the observation deck while others like to explore 360 degrees of views and have a meal at either the summit suite buffet or revolving dining room.

There are other attractions available on Niagara Falls private tours that fall into a similar category as the Journey behind the falls in terms of how long it takes such as the power plant and tunnel experience.


Whether you choose to book the adventure tour or the best of Niagara Falls tour package, our tours take no more than 2.5 hours including all attractions AND a comprehensive guided walking tour of Niagara Falls.

We also offer private tours that can be customized to be as long or as short as your group would like!

We’ve offered everything from a basic 1 hour guided walking tour to a full day / 6 hour tour featuring a wide variety of the best attractions in Niagara Falls.

Walk Niagara Tours offers all-inclusive walking tours of Niagara Falls. Our tour guides lead groups 7 days a week between April and November.

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