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When you imagine taking a guided tour of Niagara Falls you probably think of the most popular attractions like the best boat tours, a tour behind the falls and touring the Skylon Tower.

Which by the way is totally understandable because those attractions are incredible!

However as anyone who has been on one of our walking tours will tell you, there are so many hidden gems to see, experience and learn about in Niagara Falls either during or after the tour on top of these headliners.

Let’s talk about a few.


Dufferin Islands is a secluded 10 acre green space within walking distance of the Falls themselves.

This local favorite is unlikely to show up on many top 10 lists of popular attractions in Niagara Falls Canada but it’s one of the prettiest areas in the city to visit while you’re here.

It’s a part of the Festival of Lights in the winter months and one of the best spots for a stroll and picnic during the rest of the year, especially in the Fall!

Learn more about Dufferin Islands here.


Speaking of places to picnic, Niagara Falls is chalk full of them!

Visitors often comment about how much open space there is to explore and enjoy close to the Falls. This is by design through efforts of Niagara Parks to keep the area beautiful and open to all.

All parks are free to access and explore, with tons of space and shaded areas making them the perfect place to set up a base camp for the day, to pause for a picnic lunch or just to stroll through the many manicured gardens.

These are all examples of top notch green spaces available to enjoy during your visit.

lesser known gems on Niagara Falls tours


The rich history of Niagara Falls is obvious. Whether it’s stories about the daredevils who challenges the Falls, walking through the same space where Canada’s bloodiest battlefield took place or the natural history of the Niagara river and waterfall itself.

It’s not just stories, pictures and plaques. Some of the area’s history you can literally see with your own eyes.

The Niagara Scow (aka Old Scow, Iron Scow), is what remains of the wreckage following an incident in 1918 where a boat came dangerously close to being sent over the falls with 2 men still on board.

Get the full incredible story from one of our guides on tour!


Yes Niagara Falls is a tourist destination, but another hidden surprise Niagara Falls offers visitors is how much variety there is in terms of places to spend your time.

It’s Always Christmas is a retail store that offers people a chance to experience the spirit of Christmas all year round!

Fun restaurants like the Rainforest Cafe, Benihana and the Flying Saucer add wonderful variety to go along with traditional favorites.

Other sweet stores like Hersheys Chocolate World and Old Tyme Candy Shoppe give visitors all sorts of options on souvenirs and special treats.

Whether you’re thinking about sightseeing in Niagara Falls Canada for the first time or coming back to experience more of what we have to offer, we suggest exploring some of the “off the beaten path” places. You will be happy you did!

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