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Sightseeing in Niagara Falls? Go Early!

When talking about Niagara Falls sightseeing tips you may be wondering with so many attractions to see and things to do, how can you possibly do it wrong?

Well much like the right toppings can make pizza even better; there are ways you can optimize your Niagara Falls tour experience to make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of it.

Here are some helpful tips to consider ahead of your next tour of Niagara Falls.


Surprise surprise, you’re not the only one excited to see Niagara Falls. :)

The best chance you have to avoid the big crowds and potentially long lines is to visit each attraction early in the day, as close to their opening time as you can.

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Your goal should be to ride on the first elevator up the Skylon Tower (at 9:00 am during the off season and even earlier during the summer - check their website for current hours) and to be on the first boat launched by Niagara City Cruises shortly after they open at 10:00 am (check their website for current hours).

Niagara Falls sightseeing tips

We put this at #1 on the list for two reasons:

  1. Dealing with the delays and hassle by trying to do multiple attractions during peak afternoon times could really put a damper on your experience. You want your day filled with fun and excitement not waiting in lines.

  2. This was a top priority of our own when we constructed our Niagara Falls tour itineraries. We get started in the morning to accomplish exactly what we recommend above (and take care of all the tickets and logistics for you!).

Speaking of getting an early start, booking a tour in Niagara Falls during the off peak months could be a really smart way to enhance your experience.

Our Wonder Walking Tour opens as early as possible in the spring and runs all the way until the end of November to help those looking to avoid the peak tourism summer season get an excellent experience.

While this is the biggest tip we recommend, let’s cover a few others that will also improve your tour experience.


Like most any place, if you really want to experience it you should do your best to walk through it.

“Walking is the favorite sport of the good and wise.” A.L. Rowse

Walking allows you to take in more of the sights and sounds of an area (of which there are PLENTY in and around Niagara Falls) compared to if you’re stuck in a van or bus driving by at 40 km/h.


Niagara Falls can be a fickle place when it comes to the weather and temperature.

Welcome to Canada EH!

In the summer months it can be a scorcher and in the spring and fall it could be downright chilly.

That’s not all, as your proximity to the falls varies so can the temperature.

When you’re up close in the “spray zone” you’ll often be much cooler than you would a few hundred yards away where you’re not feeling the mist of the falls.

Try to dress and layers and bring a small pack for things like sun screen, hats and water during the summer and extra mitts and scarves during the winter.


The City of Niagara Falls and Niagara Parks do a great job of providing ample parking options for visitors.

The two largest and most popular parking options near the Falls would be:

(6635 Niagara Parkway)

This massive lot is the closest you’ll be able to park to the brink of the Canadian horseshoe falls and is right across from the central WEGO Transit hub.

Niagara Falls parking lot A

Click for more.

(4960 Clifton Hill)

This is a 700 space parking lot located in the heart of the entertainment district.

Clifton Hill parking in Niagara Falls

Click for more info.

All options are paid parking. To see all information about Niagara Falls parking, click here.


Yes, you’re right.

This one conflicts with our #1 tip above but if you’re someone who would be ok with the hustle and bustle of peak hours if it meant witnessing Niagara Falls at its maximum potential, then you may want to visit during peak tourist times from 8 am to 10 pm (April 1 - September 15) and 8 am to 8 pm (September 16 - October 31) when over 6 million cubic feet (168,000 cubic meters) of water go over the falls every minute. (1)

Outside of these times the flow is partially redirected to aid with more power generation. After all, it’s New York States largest electricity producer, creating up to 2.6 million kilowatts of clean energy. (2)

Some say the difference in flow is not easy to notice so regardless of when you see Niagara Falls it’s going to be an impressive sight!


Well duh!

While people have been doing the DIY Niagara Falls tour plan for decades, there’s really no beating the convenience and perks that come with being guided by a professional.

Whether it’s having all attraction ticketing handled for you, learning more interesting things about the Falls or getting to experience the beauty and charm of our tour guides ;), booking a walking tour of Niagara Falls with us is worth every penny!

Walk Niagara Tours offers all-inclusive walking tours of Niagara Falls. Our tour guides lead groups 7 days a week between April and November.