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You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a tour of Niagara Falls.

Considering what a great place Niagara Falls is to visit and how much there is to see and do, it comes as no surprise why the tour industry in the city is so popular.

So how do you choose the type of tour that’s best for you?

Let’s discuss the most popular Niagara Falls tour options below.


Call us biased (and we probably are), but we feel the #1 way to experience Niagara Falls is with a guided walking tour. This includes seniors as well!

walking tours of Niagara Falls

We get into specific reasons that make a walking tour the best choice in another article, but for now we’ll let historian G.M. Trevelyan sum it up for us:

“After a day’s walk, everything has twice its value.”

Think about how much more you notice when you walk down a street compared to driving through it.

You can better take in the details of the sights and the overall vibe of the area.

Now imagine yourself walking through a place like Niagara Falls where there is so much to take in. It’s easy to see how much of the experience you could miss by speeding through it.

Sure we all love the world class attractions Niagara Falls is best known for, but it’s just as important to experience the many other highlights the area has to offer, most of which can really only be experienced with a walking tour.


If you’re interested in learning more about Niagara Falls walking tours, we offer 2 wonderful Niagara Falls tour packages:

  1. Wonder Tour
  2. Adventure Tour

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While we certainly feel a walking tour is the best choice, we also recognize that it might not be an option for everyone.

bus tours of Niagara Falls

Even though the walking tours we offer only include a moderate 50 minutes or so of walking spread throughout each tour, we know that this can be difficult or undesirable for some.

If you’re a family with young children or if you’re in a group with individuals who need assistance getting around, a bus tour of Niagara Falls may be your best bet.

You lose out on some of the experience only offered with a walking tour, but you still get to partake in the wonderful attractions.


If you’re brave enough, an aerial tour of Niagara Falls through a provider like Niagara Helicopters could be something to consider.

helicopter tours of Niagara Falls

This is especially true for those who have already experienced Niagara Falls a number of times from the ground and are now looking for a fresh perspective.

Our recommendation is to start with a walking tour for a more intimate experience before taking to the skies for a different view.


This is something people have been doing in Niagara Falls for generations since its first documented European discovery in 1678.

self guided tours of Niagara Falls

Before there was ever an official tour industry serving Niagara Falls, there have been visitors to the area exploring it all on their own.

If you’ve ever spent time taking selfies by the edge of the falls or exploring the nearby shops and restaurants then you have technically participated in a self-guided tour of Niagara Falls.

If you’re looking for a more official self-guided tour you could look at using a service like GPS My City to help you along.

Heck, if you’re like us and truly love Niagara Falls, why not choose all of the above?

Perhaps the best way to truly get to know a place is to see it from all perspectives, from land, “sea” and air.


There are many benefits to choosing a private tour of Niagara Falls.

Regardless of whether you plan to tour by foot, wheels or blades a Niagara Falls private tour can often be the best experience you can find.

Whatever Niagara Falls tour option you choose, we know you’ll come to respect and appreciate the wonder and history of the area just like we do.

Walk Niagara Tours offers all-inclusive walking tours of Niagara Falls. Our tour guides lead groups 7 days a week between April and November.