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It may be difficult to notice through all the modern glitz and glamour, but Niagara Falls Canada is full of fascinating history with plenty of it still available to see and touch.

The Niagara Falls tours we offer are as much about the areas rich history as it is about the world class attractions included.

"My husband and I were very impressed with the walking tour and we had a great time! We had the opportunity to see the sights we wanted to and got to learn about the history of the area."

- Amanda L.

Here are just some of the most popular historical sites and stories that can be found on a Niagara Falls tour.


Location: 6342 Niagara Parkway

The power generated by the 25 combined turbines of the Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant and the Lewiston Pump Generating Plant (USA) plus the Sir Adam Beck Niagara Generating Station supply around 25% of all power used within New York State and the Province of Ontario.

Nikola Tesla statue in Niagara Falls Canada

If it wasn’t for Nikola Tesla using his alternating current theory to help build the first hydroelectric power generating station using Niagara Falls, much of this would not be possible today. Book a Niagara Falls tour to learn more about Nikola Tesla and his statue.


Location: 6650 Niagara Parkway

We buried the lead a bit here because there’s no question what the most historical site is, Niagara Falls themselves!

Niagara Falls Canada

First formed around 12,000 years ago when melting glaciers created the Great Lakes, the Golden Horseshoe Falls along with the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls remain the most fascinating historical sight to see on tour.

Book a tour for the absolute best way to experience Niagara Falls!


Location: near the intersection of Clifton Hill and Falls Ave. (43.089975, -79.072961)

Unveiled in Victoria Park during a 1927 ceremony to honor those who lost their lives during World War I (later updated to include World War II and the Korean War in 1982), the Canadian infantryman has been staring longingly up Clifton Hill with helmet and rifle in hand ever since.

Clifton Hill war memorial in Niagara Falls


Location: Visible along Niagara Parkway up river from Niagara Falls

Also known as the Niagara Scow or Iron Scow, this ship wreck has been an attention grabbing sight ever since 2 men nearly lost their lives when the barge broke loose while dredging up sand banks.

Iron Scow in Niagara Falls
Photo Credit: Niagara Parks

Hear the story about the bravery and quick thinking that helped this story have a happy ending on a Niagara Falls tour!


Location: 6345 Niagara Parkway

We have the progressive thinking of Ontario Premier Oliver Mowat for the beautifully preserved and manicured nature spaces around Niagara Falls that we continue to enjoy today.

Queen Victoria Park Niagara Falls

On March 20th, 1885 he introduced the “Niagara Falls Park Act” which preserved the natural scenery of the area and led to the official opening of Queen Victoria Park on May 24th, 1888 (Victoria Day) and the formation of the Niagara Parks Commission which was originally set up to manage the park.

Enjoy a stroll through Queen Victoria Park during one of our all inclusive Niagara Falls Tours.


Location: 5208 Niagara Parkway

It took Elizabeth Wyn Woods 8 years to create this 10 foot granite statue but it was well worth the wait.

King George Statue Niagara Falls

It was commemorated on July 1, 1963 (Dominion Day, aka Canada Day) in the park named after his great grandmother (Queen Victoria Park) where it still stands today for all visitors to enjoy.

Learn more about the connections between Niagara Falls Canada and British Royalty during one of our walking tour of Niagara Falls.


Location: 7005 Niagara Parkway

After construction began on May 23rd 1901, it became the first major power plant built on the Canadian side of the river when it was completed in 1905.

Niagara Falls power station

While there are attractions offered inside the walls of the power plant including a 2,200 tunnel experience, the sight and accompanying stories of the power station from the outside is a highlight of many during a tour of Niagara Falls.

If you’re interested about the local history of Niagara Falls Canada we encourage you to book a tour with us!

If you’re looking for more we highly recommend checking out the Niagara Falls Public Library and the Niagara Falls History Museum during your next visit to our city!

Walk Niagara Tours offers all-inclusive walking tours of Niagara Falls. Our tour guides lead groups 7 days a week between April and November.